Sunday, March 07, 2010


 Baby Girl, #1 Son and I spent 11 straight hours together on Saturday.  In a Camry.  Driving to Cincinnati.  That's in Ohio.  So we could spend a week with Wild One and her BF.  

After yummy pizza at Dewey's -- we stopped back at Wild One's apartment to change clothes before heading to Mt. Adam's to experience the wild night life there.  What a very "alive" and crowded, and loud, and happening place the Mt. Adam's neighborhood is!

Our stop at the apartment also included something cold, and sweet. 

and I want you all to know, that my children did not learn this behavior from their parents.  I would never do this.  never. ever.  at least not in front of other people.

Our Cincinnati host and hostess took us up to the observation deck at Carew Tower.

This is Christ Hospital -- Wild One is a nurse there.

The older homes, row houses and other buildings intrigue me.
So much history, architecture, and uniqueness.

This neighborhood is called Over The Rhine
 (above and below photo)

Great American Ballpark.  The Cincinnati Reds play baseball here.

A monument to the steamship/paddleboats.  The pipes coming up from the ground randomly "puff" steam resembling the steamships.

A park along the river -- and under the bridge.

Lots of time on our feet today.  Miles walked.

Chillaxin' at Wild One's apartment while watching the Oscars tonight.
A great day with the "kids".


  1. Cool pics!
    Love how Tim is not partaking in the ice cream binge!

  2. Oh Jen...It is a look of approval though...that is a common sight at my house these days...there just weren't any more cartons of ice cream :(

  3. Looks like you guys are having fun!! Love the pic of the baseball stadium (duh).

    1. Danae's face on the swing
    2. Tim's face at the kitchen table


  4. Yo Yo -- I eschewed -- (yes it's a word -- look it up) the Oscars in favor of the never seen by me "Old School" -- on TBS -- pretty funny -- enjoyed it much more than an Awards show :)

    Wish I was there -- but glad you'all are having some great times!

  5. Fun times, Love the update...seems like you're staying busy.


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