Monday, March 08, 2010

Cincinnati Zoo

Elephant and Monkey video now included!

With the temperature hitting 65 degrees here in Cincy today, an outside activity was #1 priority.  So I took the "kids" to the Cincinnati Zoo!

Within minutes of arriving we were greeted by the roaming Peacocks.  

They reminded me of our chickens....totally unconcerned about all the people walking around.

The peacocks could be seen everywhere throughout the park -- 

 -- even young Peahens and Peacocks!

Finally, toward the end of our visit, one of the Peacocks decided to strut his feathers

and we weren't complaining 

it didn't take long before the feather show was over

so we moved on to other wildlife 

What's not to love about this face . . .?

This face doesn't even look real!
Reptiles are NOT my thing.
This picture was a challenge to take
still makes the hair on my arms stand on end!

The elephants and monkeys were the most entertaining and the loudest!
At about 1:15 into the video, you can see the zookeeper come out from the side by the tree and tell the elephants to quiet down!  You can see better if you click on the video to see the full screen.

And the monkeys....always good for smiles

More sunshine tomorrow.
More adventure.


  1. I was waiting for an elephant picture! I was on the phone with DJ when you guys where at the elephant exhibit and one of them sounded VERY angry haha :)

  2. cloudy,foggy & rainy here with temps near 40. ENJOY your time in Cincy.

  3. I like the pictures... of wildlife... nice work...

    seems like I knew a person who used to give me a hard time about taking pictures of animals... hmmmmmmm -- just a little bit superior ;)

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM CST

    Now children.....Don't be hatin'.
    Yo sis


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