Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ault Park

I am going on the record with this ....Cincinnati city parks are among the best city parks I've been too.

 They are very well maintained

are large and beautiful

and have unique architectural features

We've only been to a few

 but I'm pretty sure this park -- Ault park -- is my favorite

The kids and I spent a little time here 

enjoying the weather, the day, and 

each other.


  1. A photographer's dream, that's for sure! Good subject matter in the people dept helps, too! ;)

    Definitely way better than Roch.

    Laughing out loud at the 5th one! I love outtakes.

  2. Pretty park, Nice Photos -- awesome people -- who dat behind the camera -- need to see you now & then :)

    Enjoy the day there today -- drive safely tomorrow!

  3. Fun pics Cheri! Enjoy the wonderful weather while you're there...it's blah and rainy here.

  4. nate clearly missed the memo on the last picture!


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