Monday, February 01, 2010

Who are you?

DIY Guy and I like to watch CSI -- New York and Las Vegas.
The Las Vegas Intro song is by The Who .... it's quite catchy.

Every time I hear that song I think of my blog.  Seriously, I do.  How warped is THAT?

When I see all the different places all of you - my most wonderful readers live -- I can't help but wonder who I know, and who I don't - why you read, and why you won't comment. 

I am constantly astonished and humbled, and wonder what the heck is so interesting about my life that you, my dear friends, keep coming back to read.
It's not like I live on a remote ranch with wild mustangs or anything.  

Criminy, I live in Minnesota -- the frozen tundra, with my DIY Guy husband, 2 dogs, 6 chickens  --

and 3 adult children who visit off and on with their friends and significant others

According to some stats I found....90% of you are lurkers (never comment), 9% contribute "a little" and 1% actively contribute.  You know which camp you fall into.

So tell me . . .
  • Who are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you like the most about this blog?

Please don't make me beg :)  It's not pretty.


  1. you know who I am....and you know where I live.

    I spend my days tooling around town in a mini-van with the music turned up too loud, volunteering here and there, attempting to clean/maintain my house, blogging and facebooking and occasionally actually reading a book for fun once in awhile. I watch too much TV (Lost, friends re-runs, Am Idol, brothers and sisters) and spend too much time at my computer...reading blogs. duh.

    I read your blog cuz I like you...and it's an easy way to keep up with some of my favorite people now that we don't have the chance to rub shoulders as often. love ya!

  2. I'm danae...

    i'm your daughter...

    you know where i live :)

    and i like/read your blog b/c you're my mom, and i love you, and i love it, and you post pretty pictures :)

    so there.

    and i like to think i'm in the 1%!! :D

  3. Karen...we need to rub shoulders more! The last time I think we spent time together, the 4 of us was at TJI Fridays...WAY too long ago. Let's go out again!

  4. danae joy...I love you too and you are in the 1% !

  5. I am Nathaniel Kirk Dietzman.

    I am your one and only all time favorite son. And I am currently a college student who appreciates all his parents' help with school costs.

    I live precisely 45 minutes away from you.

    I like reading the blog cuz I can keep up with the goings on of my home base. You are the best mom, and are very talented at everything you put your hands to. Keep it up!

  6. My name is Alan. But you can call me Mike!

    I'm a college student at the University of Minnesota, but I also live in Rochester. I think your daughter Danae is pretty, so.... one day I told her this, and now we are dating.

    Because of the the above statement I got to know you (and the rest of the Dietzmans!). I find you entertaining and I really enjoy looking at your pictures!

    And I hope you consider me in the 1%!!!

  7. I think I'm in the 1% cuz I almost always comment. I read cuz I know you and your family and I like to keep up on the happenings. Also, I like how you always have pics up.

  8. You know who I am... and you know where I live too.

    I'm livin' La Vida Loca in a van down by the river... Well actually it's just a house that's way too big for me to clean, with a man, who's very attractive... but often times annoying. I'm an "older mother" of two young children who are also attractive but they seem to think I'm their minion... A dog who's also somewhat attractive but is a living hair factory and a cat that sleeps on my head.

    I work but I don't want to... That being said, there's really nothing I want to do at home anyway so I just keep driving here a couple of days a week.

    I read your blog because it's beautiful just like its creator. It's like Martha Stewart's life only better because you've fed me some of your delicious food and let my kids play in your pool.

    But mostly I read because I love you and you love me back.

  9. Am I in the 1% too?!? Like the others, you know where I live!
    I am usually a lurker on blogs because I'm self conscious about writing comments that people will think are dumb, but since you know I stalk, I mean read your blog, then I had to join in the comments.

    I think your life is interesting, I'm becoming a wanna-be country girl, I love your whole family, I like to learn from your experiences, and am waiting for the day when I see an engagement announcement posted here! ;)

    P.S. Wendy, your comment was *almost* a blog post...I want to read your blog too, hint, hint!

  10. Hi Nate ... I like your name!
    You ARE my favorite son...and it is nice to know you appreciate our help with college. We appreciate that you are working hard at school!

    Thanks for the kind words....and for reading your crazy momma's blog! I like to read yours update now and then :)

  11. Mike....I mean Michael....

    I like how you like our Baby Girl...and are so wonderful to her.
    We like having you around...and yes, you are in the 1%!

  12. ARE in the 1% !! I'm so glad I know you....and have known you longer than any other person in Rochester!

  13. ARE livin' La Vida Loca ...but it ain't in a van! It's a beautiful home...with beautiful people in it.

    Our Gabbydog sleeps in the bed with us...I'm glad she doesn't shed!!!..or sleep on my head.

    I work but I don't want to as well....but there is SO much I would like to do at raising goats, or mowing the lawn, or cooking, or cleaning...anything that isn't work outside the home!

    Thanks for reading my blog. I think you are beautiful too...inside and out....and I do love you....and love that you love me back!
    Thanks for reading!

  14. I'm another of your 1%ers. I love reading your blogs, You are very creative and I love you and your family, so It's a great way to keep up with you since we dont see each other nearly enough.

  15. I'm rebecca d... I lurk here a lot.. I always tell my girlies to "make good choices" when I drop them off somewhere or when they leave the house without me, so when I saw the name of your blog I was hooked.
    I ive in Clarksville, TN (you know.. the one in that Monkees Song about the last train...)
    I will try to comment more since I know how much it means to me when people leave comments.

  16. Rebecca! Thanks for the comment!
    We've told our kids to "Make Good Choices" for years...but I have to admit my sister started it ... she's a youth camp director and she would always tell the teen campers that "they always have a choice, and it always makes a difference" when a week of camp started.

    When our first born graduated from high school she used that quote in her graduation can see that post here:

    It's good to have you along for the journey!

    P.S. Back in the day...a friend of ours from the "Region" was based at Fort Campbell in Clarksville. So I have heard of it!

  17. dear friend of 18 years...the woman who got me through a rough move across the country...who will always have a special place in my heart...we DO need to get together more often!
    P.S. I love your blog too!

  18. I'm cara your oldest...and i moved because thats what my mom and daddy did! sorry...I live in cincinnati. I probaly fall in the 9% because i mostly read from work...and they won't let me comment :( I like your blog b/c it's how i see my family...and follow you b/c even though i talk to you on the phone ALL the time...I normally do most of the talking... sorry :( hehe but not really!

  19. you know who I am as well. I like to come to read your blog because it reminds me of the days we spent together and our time in Rochester. I LOVe LOVE LOVE your picturs. I am impressed with the way you stick to your blog and how you find interesting things to write about. I can't even think of something interesting to put on FB status everyday! haha

  20. You know my too but one of the lurkers. I don't post much but love your blog; the fun, the pictures & the recipes!!


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