Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tree decorating

I walk down this path every day.
Using the term "path" lightly here, since it is really tire tracks that DIY Guy (and Nate) made for me to get from the garage to the chicken coop.  

With over 4 feet of snow so far this winter -- getting to the coop is a little more work than other years. 

I try to always notice my surroundings when going out for the eggs -- because I never know what I'll see . . .

or what Gabby will see --
and trust me, she is always with me on these trips -- and always on high alert.

She doesn't miss much -- if it comes to wild life that is.  

Gabby has alerted me to wild turkeys, deer, a hawk, bunnies, bunnies, and squirrels, and more squirrels.

But I KNOW she doesn't notice the icicles decorating the Blue Spruce and Black Hills Spruce trees around our yard.

She sees the birds in the trees -- but doesn't see the snow precariously hanging from a branch

She doesn't even care about those things.

What matters to Gabby -- is being the FIRST one back to the house -- or catching whatever critter happens to be in the near vicinity!


  1. AWESOME pictures of the icicles mom! i really like the "negative" film effect one! And gabby is so pushy and persistent about being first, haha.

  2. Ok, I'll admit I'm ready for spring -- but it's hard to beat a good fluffy snow for a thing of beauty -- especially when you add in some nice spruce trees. Good work with the Camera as usual!

    (Oh, and yes, it is more fun & easier to clear the fluffy white snow with a 4-wheeler & a blade :)

  3. Nice pictures. We have hardly any snow.


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