Saturday, February 13, 2010

Social Ice

Last night DIY Guy and I strolled the streets of downtown Rochester and enjoyed the ice sculpture displays outside many of the businesses.

Our fine city proved that cold temperatures and snow need not keep us indoors suffering from isolation and cabin fever.  The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) invited the people of Rochester to "come on down" and socialize --- or in this case "Social Ice".

Proving that if you build it, they will come . . .

and stand outside at the ICE bar

and listen to music piped into the plaza from the skyway

Many people stood around the totally-made-from-ice bar . . .

Drinking from ICE glasses --- made from you guessed it, ice.

The plaza was alive with energy

and the cool beauty of all the ice and blue lights

The ice sculpture outside our favorite Italian restaurant - Victoria's . . .

and some "ice" 
outside the jewelry store

It cost ten bucks to sit on this icey love seat -- 
it included a picture of you.

In front of the eyeglass store . . .

and the shoe store . . .

It was a fun, magical and happening spot downtown last night

This is a "must see" if you live in the area!


  1. We were down there tonight trying find a place to eat. We saw some of the sculptures on our way and heard the music, it was very festive! We didn't see that bar though, that's crazy! Ice glasses and everything.

  2. Looks like a picture-takers dream. I think the first pic would go nicely in my kitchen :)

    We almost made it there tonight, but our little valentine (audrey) was too sleepy, so we stayed home and played instead :)

  3. we headed down there for just a bit after church Saturday was very euro/urban feeling...very cool!
    (and yes that pun was intended!)


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