Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday morning beauty

In my book, Saturday mornings are the best wake up day.

I could have taken pictures all day of the beauty outside our windows.

(not processed)

This Cardinal "couple" visits our kitchen window several times each day.  
DIY Guy took the this picture of the female:

Both the photos were taken through the window.  
Good thing DIY Guy keeps our windows so clean!

 Just a few steps from our front door . . .

Pardon my processing ...

Across the street:
not processed.
It is very tempting to print some of these in a large size and frame.
But I just can't have winter pictures "out" all year.  Just not enough of a "winter" fan.

Maybe a group of 4 seasons would work better.


  1. Very good pictures, mom! and the female cardinal grew her tail feathers back!! Let's hope she keeps them this year!

  2. I knew Cheri was a good photographer but now I'm impressed with Kirk's picture taking ability as well!

  3. It was a beautiful morning indeed, thanks for sharing such beautiful winter pics.

  4. Kirk is actually better than me Mike!

  5. I've wanted to do the 4 seasons thing for years. Same subject in each of the 4 pics, but can't find the perfect tree that's easily accessible. If you do it, I'll be jealous!


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