Saturday, February 27, 2010

Going downhill

hittin' dem slopes . . . 

and enjoying a wonderful Wisconsin weekend on the powder . . .

while we love on each other 

and play in the snow . . . and 

and swim in a pool

Mike's first time on the slopes proved he was more than capable of skiing without a lesson. 

 This was my second time on the slopes and it was much easier this time  . . .

 -- I didn't fall until I left the Cottontail slope -- a step up from the bunny slope.

These two boys were partners in crime on Saturday.... spending the day on the slopes without Baby Girl.

because our Baby Girl was struck with a NASTY stomach bug at about 5pm on Friday and had to leave the slopes early.

DIY Guy dropped Baby Girl and I off at the hotel, then went back to ski with the rest of the crew.  When they returned, Mike took a shift of caring for our girl -- who was camped out on couch cushions outside the hotel room bathroom.  We all stepped over her coming and going...and managed to keep the throne available to her all evening (using the bathroom in my sister's room).

Our Baby Girl spent over 12 hours bowing before the porcelain god --then slept the entire day on Saturday (today)...finally around 5pm she started to show some signs of life.

It's good to hear her voice.


  1. Love the picture of you and Tristan...very sweet. Hope you're not all getting what Danae had, that would be awful.

  2. I wish dj could have been out there with us!! :( It was still a lot of fun though! Thank you again for taking me!

  3. great pics mom! wish i coulda been more a part of everything... but i'm happy you and mike were there to take care of me :)


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