Thursday, February 04, 2010

Chipmunk voice

Ok, so this is about the most daring thing I've done in 2010.
I can hardly believe I'm posting this chipmunk voice, dorky video for you all, but hey, I want to try something new, and I've got this neat camera on my new laptop -- and I wanted to try out the feature!  Besides, it's almost the weekend...and you need something funny to start the weekend with!

Are you still laughing?
Would you be this daring?


  1. i like it :) inspires me to do one, but i probably never will!

    i don't think you have a chipmunk voice, AT ALL...

    but it does kinda make me wonder where in the world i get my deep voice from!

    love you momma!

  2. in my heart i feel like I'm in my 20' I'm still a kid and this whole parenting/wife thing is just "playing house"? That in my heart I'm not nearly old enough to be making the decisions I have to make everyday. Does that makes sense?

    One of my biggest fears in getting older is "aging out" of a couple of dream roles in other words when RCT finally (if they ever) decide to stage Disney's Beauty and the Beast..that I will be too old to play the role I think I was born to sing. sigh.

  3. Yah...I pretty much think I'm in my late 20's. I really feel like I could be Audrey's mom...really, I certainly dont think of myself as a "grandma". I had a hard time with first, all I could think about is "I'm way to young to be a grandma". Then I got used to it and started thinking... I am a young grandma, still in my 40's, but definatly feeling like my late 20's.
    Enjoyed your Blog Cheri, you sounded like "YOU" and that doesn't sound like a chimpmunk.

  4. I feel like i'm about 12 years old on the inside.. and i don't ever see that changing!!! :)

  5. 11. Like i said before. I still love to do kid things, like when we go to the beach, i don't like to lay out in the sun or read a book, i like to play in the sand. I still love kids toys like LEGOS. It's something i don't ever want to change. Being a kid is way too much fun to let go of.

  6. I TOTALLY get the internal and external age. I think I'm 29, which is REALLY awkward since my oldest son will be 29 in less than a month!! I don't know how I got to be this old; I don't feel like I'm pushing 50.

    P.S. brownies are my favorite ( :

  7. I was waiting for the chipmunk voice, there's no chipmunk voice...I thought you meant you actually sped up your voice with an effect to be funny.

    It seems like I am still late 20's, 30 at most. I feel old when I start thinking about my parents' age and what's going to happen to them as they get older. I could relate to the looking in the mirror comments. I definitely need a makeover. I have boring hair and lots of gray!

    Karyn, RCT did Beauty & the Beast in Feb/Mar 2006. Is there more than one version?

  8. I dunno what I feel. All I know is when you're young, you think 20 is old and as you near 20 you realize it's not old at all. Then you think late 20s is old, well now I'm 26, I'm married and have a baby and still don't feel old. I still feel like me, maybe I feel, um... 21 or 22 years old? I am starting to feel like my years are getting up there, like 26, really? Definetely not a child on paper, but I sure don't feel like much of an adult most of the time. I think I will always love to do things that are generally supposed to be for children, for example, water parks, I feel I will never outgrow them! It's very odd, I remember 10th grade like it was yesterday, but it was already 10 years ago, seriously? I imagine that each year you age you feel like that age is no longer so OLD as you once thought it was.


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