Sunday, January 24, 2010

While the rest of the country is talking football . . .
Winona State is well into hoop season!

Last weekend DIY Guy and I drove to Winona -- to see the WSU Warriors play some hoops.

We sat with these beautiful young adults . . . .

Mike, Danae, Emily, Sarah

Half the fun of the WSU games is the "personalities" that are present . . .

These dudes stood at the sidelines throughout the entire game . . .

at least until the band played "Cotton-eye Joe"

The public address announcer for the Warriors --- has been the announcer for Warriors men's basketball since 1971. He's a retired speech professor, he's 74 years old and has a Willie Nelson persona going for him.

In his words:
"I've been wearing the headband and the beard since the '70s," . 
A few years ago Wilkinson had an agreement with the players --- if they won the regional game, he would let them shave his head.  And if they won the national title, they could cut off his beard.  The team did both.
Interesting fact:  Wilkinson is also a Tai Chi instructor.  Last April he had a triple bypass and the day after being released from the hospital he went right back to teaching his Tai Chi classes.

Purple Pep Band . . . This young man caught my attention right away -- percussionists tend to do that --- I loved his energy -- he reminded me of a  younger DIY Guy on the drums --- in high school pep band.

Halfway through the game, Baby Girl tells me the percussionist is one of Nate's housemates!

After the game we got a bite to eat with the "kids"  -- they will always be "the kids" to me.
Hanging out with the kids was the best part of the night.
That and getting back home to my quiet home!  ;)


  1. Fun night!

    Thanks for dinner.. and a ticket to the game.. annnnd just being nice to me in general :)

  2. Fun fun! I loved going to WSU. My senior year they won the NCAA division II championships! That was pretty fun to see. I remember the Wille Nelsen guy, it's funny, he was also the commentator at the gymnastics meets :) And we totally had a guy dancing to cotton eye joe too!

  3. Fun time had by all -- and for those curious, Winona did win over Wayne State (NE) -- 67-63 -- very good game.


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