Monday, January 25, 2010

She wears them both

This is the right hand of our baby girl. 

She's wearing two rings that are
 special and significant in her life.

The ring on her middle finger is a Claddagh.

It's a traditional Irish Ring.
Our kids are of Irish descent -- on their father's side.
That's where their stubbornness comes from.

The Claddagh's design features 
two hands clasping a heart, surmounted by a crown.
These features correspond to the qualities of
 love = the heart
friendship = the hands
loyalty = the crown
The expression which is associated with these symbols is:
"With my two hands I give you my heart
and crown it with my loyalty"

The way that a Claddagh ring is worn on the hand is usually intended to convey the wearer's romantic availability, or lack thereof. 

The ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward to show that the wearer is not romantically linked but is looking for love

When turned inwards (on the right hand), it is shown that the wearer is in a relationship, or their heart has been "captured". Noting that the heart is pointing down the hand and into the veins which lead to the wearer's heart. 

The ring worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward shows the wearer is engaged.
Worn on the left hand with the heart turned inward indicates the wearer is married.

Baby Girl is wearing her Claddagh turned inwards on her right hand
because she is in a relationship --- with Mike.

The ring on her right ring finger is a promise ring
not from Mike -- from DIY Guy and I

We gave each of our girls a ring on their 13th birthday

When we gave the girls their ring, we also gave them a letter from us.

The letter included the following . .

First, that we wanted the ring to always remind them of the wonderful, special person they are.  

Second, that we wanted the ring to remind them that they have something special to save for a future husband.  We suggested they make a promise — a promise to wait until marriage for sex.
(We live in a world where people are so hungry for love that they will give their bodies completely to almost anyone, it seems.  TV and movies make it seem okay and common place.  We realized guys would probably ask for sex.  That they would probably hear girls tell them it’s OK.  We also knew that one day they may even feel so in love with a guy that they might be tempted to give in to sex.)

We wanted the ring to remind them that they are loved enough by their parents and God --that they don’t have to give themselves away just because someone asks.  They know that their future husbands are important enough to save themselves for.  

Third, we gave the rings to remind our girls that they are loved with no strings attached  — just as our love will always be theirs.   They don’t have to earn it.  Our love isn’t based on their looks or behavior.  We will never ask for it back.  It will always be theirs.  There is nothing they could do that would make us love them any less.  They are a treasure to us and  always will be.  We wanted them to be reminded of our love each time they saw the ring on on their hands.

I sure didn't intend to go into this much detail when I took that picture of our Baby Girl's hand on Mike's knee at a basketball game, but the words flowed....and maybe this has been WAY too much information to share on this blog....but I'll take that chance.  

Claddagh is pronounced:  [klah-duh]


  1. I think it's a lovely blog. I knew about the ring you gave the girls but I didnt know the significance about the claddagh ring. Interesting information I learned something new tonight

  2. Our kiddos are of Irish descent too!! (greg's maternal grandfather came over from Belfast when he was just 15 yrs old) and ...we'll just be tucking the second half of this post into the files of our brains as we usher our girlies into their teen years too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. That's really cool Cheri, I didn't know all the details about that ring, but I've seen it many times! Cara and Danae are blessed girls to have parents that help them to understand their beauty and worth!

  4. Our girlies both made the decision to keep themselves pure for marraige... we gave the both rings too and it is a blessing to see them taking this commitment seriously.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. My husband is about to take our oldest out to dinner and present her with a promise/purity ring for her birthday. Your story is exactly what is on our hearts for our 4 daughters and even our only son. We are hoping they meet someone in their futures that have had parents just as caring and honest about love and personal boundaries as you. It gives me hope reading this that God brings the right people into our lives if we live by His word and receive the blessings that presenting your spouse with your virginity on your wedding night is the most loving choice one can make. Many Thanks!

    1. You are welcome Shelley and thanks for commenting. I am very proud of our kids and the choices they have made regarding dating and keeping their promises.
      It's not a popular decision, and definitely can be a difficult one when hormones are raging :) God bless you and your kids as you usher them through their teen years!


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