Sunday, January 10, 2010

Put to the test .  .  .

This weekend Mike volunteered to be my personal trainer, which sounded like a great idea to me.  However, I figured if he was going to be my personal trainer he'd have to prove himself.  So I gave him a five part test!

Part 1:  Break the uncooked egg with your bare hands.

* Fail *

The rest of the test was made more enjoyable, because, let's just say he had some added inspiration . . .

Part 2:   Do lunges carrying Baby Girl.

Pass ! *

Part 3:   Do deep knee bends with Baby Girl on shoulders 

Pass ! *

Part 4:   Do push-ups with Baby Girl on your back:

all smiles now... !

a little more struggle with this one...

Pass ! *

Part 5:   "bench" press using Baby Girl for your weights:

Pass ! *

Dang.  Looks like Boot Camp starts on Monday for me!  
Bring it Mike, I can take it!
I think. 
Just don't work me as hard as I worked you!


  1. hahaha this post is awesome!

    and yes, tomorrow is the big day! :)

  2. hahaha i love it :) good luck momma! i know you'll do great! :)

    p.s. my word confirmation: cowidog :) hahaha

  3. Why is his face so red?

    Oops -- that *was a fat joke ;)

    PS -- you left off the head against wall and stand up while holding a chair test :O

  4. haha, that is so funny! Mike is very strong! Good luck Cheri! I'd be scared!

  5. Let me know if you need someone to come up and take pictures while Mike is making you sweat... It would be a great blog entry.

  6. hahaha Jackie :) I was sitting on the couch today, drinking a soda and barking out orders at Cheri! She even said then that it would make a great picture!

  7. You sore today? I'm off to the gym....hey mike...i'll provide all food if you come be my personal trainer!


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