Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Naughty....or Nice?

Hmmmm....what's that smell?  It smells so good........ so different ...
soooo much better than those pebbles I get in my dish every day.

.....mmmmm people food --- eggs I believe....cooked.  I like them better cooked than when I find them broke on the floor.

---oh my ...more on the bottom side ---

--- nice . . . a chunk of food.
chunks are good

--- dadgum it....if only my tongue were a little longer ...
I bet Maddie could reach this food from the other room with that tongue of hers  --
What is up with that tongue anyway?

---  no more big chunks of the people food ---

I think if I did this . . .

. . . I could do a better clean up job

. . . yep, heh - heh, that's good

. . . Should have started from here !

Ok, time to come "clean" (pun intended) dog owners and lovers . . . you've let (or caught) your  pup doing the same thing!  This was my first time catching Gabby --- no, really, it was.


  1. i have seen Gabby do this a number of times. hahaha, it's so funny.

    And get that dog a haircut! She looks ridiculous!

  2. Just catching up on your blog Cheri... Love you!

  3. That is every night in my world. Although, I shoo them away. I am afraid they will cut their tongues on a knife or something.


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