Friday, January 01, 2010

Last January - In the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Nine  
I made a list of 100 Lifetime goals and dreams .   It wasn't an exhaustive list,  just a list of 100 or so things I'd like to "do/be/buy/give/see".

Here's how 2009 measured up for me:

  • Snow ski  ---   
    February -- just a few days following my 50th birthday - which was another goal I had set years earlier ..."to snow ski by the age of 50".

  • Go on a beach vacation -- 
    August -Jekyll Island, GA.  It wasn't a Caribbean beach like I am still hoping for, but it was a beach, and it was vacation. 

  • Increase blog readership--
    Without doing any math....I'm guessing readership increased by 50% !

  • Have a huge garage party (with dancing) in 2009--
    July - to celebrate 50th birthdays, friends, family and summer days!

  • Take dance lessons in 2009 --
    February and March -- took levels I and II of Swing Dance

  • Blog more often --
    Blogged nearly 5 days a week -- taking some weekends off

  • Learn to use camera confidently in different situations --
    I have started to shoot more photos on manual settings and experimenting more.

  • Increase the size of our garden - and give away produce  --The garden was definitely bigger -- but unfortunately not necessarily better.  We gave away apples this year.

  • Go to a beach and walk the shore --
    Jekyll Island, GA -- August...5 days in a row!  I'm still keeping this one on my list!  I can never get enough beach walking.

  • Put a patio by front door--
    Oh yeah!  Thanks to Nate and DIY Guy!

  • Take better pictures--
    Working on it.  Have improved since January 2009.

  • Plant a pumpkin patch  --
    Planted one -- but it failed.  New plan for next year.  My experiment didn't work.

  • Use my re-useable shopping bags more  --
    Used them way more than previous years -- still going to work on this one in 2010.

  • Make a eat-at counter in kitchen  --
    The plans are coming along -- and pulling DIY guy along on this one.

  • Entertain more often in 2009  --
    Did more entertaining than in 2008, will continue to work on this in 2010.

  • Cook more  --
    Hmmm....maybe I did?  Working full-time sure cuts into my cooking energy.

  • Own a good belgium waffle maker  --
    I bought one for DIY Guy for Valentine's Day 2009.  We eat belgium waffles more often now.

  • Ring Salvation Army bell in 2009  --
    Did it -- December, 2009 -- with DIY Guy and Coby, the Bernese Mountain Dog.
    I also was the coordinator for our church bell ringing.

  • Be more real/authentic  --
    Trying.  Really trying.  But I still won't tell you how much I weigh.

  • Take more photos of my kids  --
    Did -- they aren't tired of it yet, so must not be overdoing it!

  • Meet a need for someone  --
    I met a few needs over the year.

  • Do more random acts of kindness (pay it forward)  --
    Did a little of this --could do it more.

  • Stop worrying about what others think of me  --
    This is dangerous territory -- but I'm making progress, and it feels good.

  • Love unconditionally  --
    Several instances where I needed to remember this one.

  • Throw away and give away all the things that don't make me happy  --
    A continuing work in progress -- I really just need more time!

  • Give away more eggs  --
    Gave some to my neighbor who doesn't speak to us often -- he was VERY excited to receive them!  

  • Make "stupid coffee"  --
    I think I will make this tomorrow!

  • Teach kids how to make turnovers  --
    Danae made them with me this year.  She was a quick study and did great!

  • Host a wine tasting party  --
    February, 2009.  We won the party at a silent auction.  Good time!

  • Own a shallow depth of field lens. --Bought a used one.  Starting to use it more.  DIY Guy was right -- the lens he bought me with my camera gets the most use.

  • Learn Yoga --  Class starts Sunday night!

2009 was a wonderful year.

I am full of gratefulness.

Thank you for joining me on my journey through 2009 and sending me so much love and encouragement in the comments.

Happy New Year !


  1. Awesome post, but you forgot one:

    Create a movie theater in your basement... DONE! :)

  2. I like how specific your goals were, I think I will try to create a list like this... You sure did meet our needs this year :) I am going to learn yoga/pilates this year too! We just went to WOW the gym and are going to join there. Where are you going to learn yoga?

  3. I noticed how many things on your list include me :)

    I think I'll make an item on my list to include more of me on your list :)

    Love you,

    - Kirk

  4. oh, and i looked at your list of 100.. i can teach you algebra! i actually have to tutor in algebra for the rest of spring break, so you can sit in if you want! :)


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