Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's true, 
and here's how it all went down . . .

1.  Took too long deciding what to wear to work
2.  Because of above, was running a bit late.
3.  Couldn't find keys.
4.  Car in shop, drive van today -- van radio is broke --does weird things to frustrate me.
5.  Van doesn't have garage door opener, so must get out of van to shut garage door.
6.  Slip a little on driveway getting back in van.
7.  Office is so stink'n hot I can hardly wait to get my coat off, wish I'd worn a sundress today.
8.  Took laptop to work, but forgot wireless mouse --- I'm mouse dependent.
9.  Told HR that I have been working FT -- so time to get the FT benes
10.  HR said they talked to my boss -- and he isn't sure I will be working FT 
11.  Stayed at work for lunch -- bad idea -- i need to get out of office.
12.  Talk to HR again....declaring a needed meeting
13.  Boss asks me what I want to do, PT or FT.  I ask him what he wants.  He says FT
14.  I ask for different hours --- 7:30 - 4:30 instead of 8-5.  Boss says no.  8-5, M-F it is.
15.  Boss asks if I like my job.  I tell the truth.
14.  Boss tells me he doesn't think he has "chemistry" with me like he has had with other assistants. 
16.  I work til 5 today...the first of many days til 5
17.  Radio freaks out in van on way home.
18.  Get mail by pulling up next to mailbox on road.  Drop a piece.
19.  Home.  Get out of van to open garage door (I am SO spoiled with openers).
20.  Pull in garage.  Get out of van, push button to close door.  Garage door won't close. 
21.  Repeat.  Van still not in far enough
22.  Pull in again.  Push garage door button as I walk in to house.  Dogs barking like banchees.
23.  Dogs still barking through as I take off coat.  
        Notice Dog pee spot at top of stairs.

24.  Let dogs out
25.  Let dogs in.
26.  Feed dogs.
27.  Change clothes.  Feed/Water Chickens/gather eggs.
28.  Cell phone ringing.
29.  What's for dinner?
30.  Let dogs out.
32.  Let dogs in.
33.  Cell text:  What time is dinner?
34.  Dog poops on floor right next to me at computer desk.

35.  Let dog out.
36.  Go to get TP in bathroom to pick up poo.

37.  TP roller empty.  (Am I the only one who knows how to put a new roll on?)
38.  Dogs barking.  Let dogs in.
39.  Fat dog ate other dogs food.  Feed other dog again.
40.  Why do I like dogs?
41.  Text received.  Answer text.
42.  Cell call.  Answer.
43.  Make a favorite dinner - Skyline Chili -- Mike drops his bowlful on kitchen rug.

I have had a bad attitude.  I'm better now.
Venting is complete.
I'm glad my husband takes good care of our cars.  I get mine back tonight.
I'm glad I have a job that pays well.
I love our dogs....well, at lease one of them.

My family needs me. 
I know where my keys are now.
I think I know what I'm wearing tomorrow.
It's below zero outside -- and I'm toasty warm (as usual) in my cozy home.

I'm going to bed now!!


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day... reminds me of that song...


  2. Awww, that was a rough day. Hope today is better for you. I'm glad you made it through...I woulda probably been laying in a heep somewhere,rocking back-n-forth,dispondent, staring blankly at the wall.

  3. Those days suck....sorry my phone call was probably at a bad time, and then frustrating when you called back! Those days suck...I had one last week and like jackie said...i actually did sit on my bed and cry...good thing there are boyfriends to pick up the pieces...or in your case a husband. I hope mike ate the skyline off the rug...does he know how valuable that stuff is!


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