Thursday, January 07, 2010


It's Thursday, which is almost Friday, the end of the week.  The part of the week where I'm exhausted, tired, unmotivated and want to go to bed at 7:30pm.  I won't go to bed at 7:30 pm  but I wanted to ...and I'm seriously considering 8:30 pm tonight.  Ten is usually my goal.  I've been pretty close to to that goal all week...which is really good for me. 

To aid the possibility of getting my tired self to bed early tonight, I'm using the K-I-S-S method.  You know, "Keep It Simple Stupid". . . . 

by sharing a YouTube feature . . .

now THAT is one creative person!

and a link:    
This link is for all you List Lovers . . . .and computer lovers. 
If you have an iPhone or iTouch -- there is an APP coming soon for this!

When you sign in, you’ll see five columns, each labeled with a day of the week. You’ll also see a section labeled “Someday.” There is an entry box for each column and the Someday section.
It's very easy to get started, enter a task in one of the boxes and hit Enter. The task will be added to your to-do list.
As you complete tasks, click on them. A strikethrough will mark them complete. Or, click the X next to a task to delete it from your list.
You may also want to move a task to a different day. In that case, just click and drag it to another column.
Now you have no excuse for not getting your tasks done!

TeuxDeux is one of the best task managers I’ve seen. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features. Simplicity is its strong suit.  I like simple.

Oh....and thanks to all of you for bravely returning today after that unusually "heavy" post yesterday.  

Make Good Choices!


  1. Hang in there girl, one more day! I dunno why, but I just thought in my head, "I wish Cheri, Cara, Mom, and I could go out for lunch tomorrow" I wish! Maybe someday! PS: I liked your "heavy" post.

  2. I get sad when you don't update, hahah. No pressure.


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