Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chalk it up

When we remodeled our back hall a few years ago I bought some chalkboard paint and painted a chalkboard right onto the wall.  Nearly 3 years later it is still waiting to be framed --- I even have the supplies to finish it.  Pathetic...especially when every time I look at I think "I should really just get that frame done and finish this project" -- (maybe this weekend!)

The chalkboard has come in very handy -- especially for me.  I have a habit of regulary forgetting two items.  It is SO frustrating to turn around on the way to work to go back for them too....  the reminder note does help!

Sometimes we leave notes for each other on the chalkboard too.

Monday afternoon - while DIY Guy and I were at work -- Baby Girl's BF, Mike, came to pick up our old TV --to borrow for a few months -- so the boys in his "house" could have a TV in their "family room".  Gotta love college boys making their house more "homey" with a "family room"!! 

So Mike brings his dad, Mark, along to help carry the old TV out.  Those older TVs weigh a ton -- and are VERY awkward to carry.  Much later that same night -- I was walking by the chalkboard and saw this . . . (I'd walked by it at least 10 times already)

Remember --- they were picking up the OLD, awkward, heavy, "other" TV.

DIY Guy and I laughed right out loud!  We just love a good sense of humor!

I haven't erased it yet -- it still makes me smile every time I walk by and see it.

Good thing the (new) flat screen didn't fit in Mike/Mark's car,  isnt' it honey?


  1. Yea, we actually dropped the flat screen a few times while trying to load it in the car before we gave up. It's durable though so no worries! ;)

  2. hahahaha mike told me about this, made me laugh :)

    also got a text from mark yesterday saying this: "I cuddled with little Maddie for a while yesterday i love that dog but we have to do something about the tongue"

    hahahaha :)

  3. I love that chalkboard. I like to draw pictures on it and such when I'm over there or write, "I love the Dietzies"

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM CST

    I was spending the afternoon nursing my pulled back muscles I messed up moving the TV on Tuesday when the thought came to me: I wonder if the chalkboard has a frame yet.....



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