Monday, December 07, 2009

We've been checking things off our "Git 'R Done" list  . . .

. . . the decorating is of 8:00 pm tonight.  I wanted to finish the outside stuff before the snow.

. . . the chicken coop has been closed up -- and winterized in anticipation of the coming below zero temperatures -- and the SNOW!

The baking has begun ... including the fruitcake - which is made every year by DIY Guy.
and he is the only one who eats it at our house -- so he ships some to his dad every year.
It's a family recipe -- from his mom.  It's so fun to watch DIY Guy in the kitchen!

I will say...that IF I were to choose to spend my daily calories on fruitcake -- I'd choose this's really more like a date cake.

DIY Guy is really getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Just remembered something to add to my list....

Nate....don't forget to bring Guitar Hero home!  I've got a hanker'n to jam with the bands!


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM CST

    I love my Mom's "fruitcake" that as you say is so much more like a date nut cake, rich and moist. Miss mom at the holidays, she loved gift giving and receiving and never lost that child-like excitement of both.

  2. Yep, I agree -- miss Mom.

    Definitely one of her love languages -- gifts; of course, then there were the acts of service -- baking all those goodies for us... Yum!!

    I too love the fruitcake.

  3. you've got a hankrin, huh? I love it! Looks nice and cozy at your house for the holidays. We are snowed in here today so looks like we have brought the Minnesota weather with us!


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