Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday the annual Christmas puzzling began.

Wednesday night:  
the outside border was finished

Thursday night:
almost done

Friday by 3:00 pm:
1000 piece puzzle --
Finished !

The puzzles used to last until after Christmas!
Baby Girl started another small one tonight.
It's pretty difficult.

But she has already made progress.

I really like this picture -- so ....Minnesooootan wit dem der Loon's and all.
I'm considering "gluing it" and framing it...and putting it in the family room.  Baby Girl likes that idea.

Wednesday night I went to bed around midnight -- and fell asleep listening to our two youngest laughing and talking, and being totally silly as they worked on the puzzle together.  Love it.   Maybe one of them will comment on this post and tell you all what they said about the "noise" they were making - and what they thought I was thinking.

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  1. There's nothing better than hearing our kids laughing, being silly and hanging out together.

    I really like the puzzle and think it's a great idea to glue it and hang it :)


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