Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A trip down Memory Lane with DIY Guy . . .

Wind up Santa' was one of those things at Nana & Papa's house that always came out at Christmas... 

From my earliest recollections ... wind-up Santa was always there.  
Whenever I'd go across town to Nana & Papa's house at Christmas time -- Nana would wind it up a couple times and I'd stare in total fascination as Santa would ring his bell, turn his head from side to side and move his sign back and forth.   (obviously, there were no video games, ipods, or even cable TV back then)  

Santa always sat in Nana's dining room 
or on the room divider between the dining room & living room.

Shortly after Cheri and I were married, we visited Nana over the holidays.  While we were visiting Nana gave Santa to me.  She knew how much I loved watching this wind up toy as a child.  As she gave me Santa, she she shared memories of winding it up for me as a child.

Santa still rings his bell, turns his head and moves his Merry Christmas sign when he is wound up.

Our kids have grown-up with this Santa just like I did - their memories will be different -- so many more "things" in their lives -- and well, it wasn't at Nana & Papa's.  It was at home.

Wind-up Santa is one of the only keepsakes I have from Nana & Papa.
Somethings are worth keeping.

DIY  Guy

Wind-up Santa was made by a company called Nomura, also known as TN.  It was one of the biggest and most prolific of all post-war Japanese toy makers, specializing in mostly mechanical and wind-up toys featuring creative designs.  


  1. I remember wind-up Santa and even with all the other things I still remember being facinated by him! I loved it!

  2. This is by far one of my FAVORITE Christmas items, and I was very fascinated by him. He ALWAYS sits on the china cabinet ledge, or at least has for the last several years, and I still like seeing him wound up and ringing his bell! Great memories, and I always look for him to come out every Christmas!

  3. cute. There are things I always look forward to seeing come out at Christmas at my grandmas and home too :)

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM CST

    Yep, Wind up Santa was huge in the ol' days when we were kids at Nana and Papa's. Loved that time she would wind it up when we got there and the red and green sugared christmas candies she would have that tasted like cinnamon and spearmint, flavors, most little kids didn't like. Ha ha. That Santa is the only surviving Christmas decoration, except for a couple ornaments that Dad says he and Mom gave you and I from Nana and Papa's tree.


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