Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This IS the space age!
Remember the space age cartoon family -- George, Jane, Judy & Elroy Jetson?...and Rosie & Astro?   

I used to think it was so cool how they could "talk" to each other and actually SEE each other while having a conversation.  That was a long stretch (no pun intended) from the telephone we used back in the day -- that was attached to the wall with a very long curly cord.  The Jestons ......they could just talk to a TV screen.

Last night while DIY Guy and Baby Girl were puzzling Mike (Baby Girl's boyfriend) joined us via cyberspace -- it hit me -- we were like the Jetsons! 

Mike was right there in our great room with us -- only he wasn't, he was really at the University of Minnesota in his apartment!

It gets boring watching people puzzle --

and Mike was clearly in need of some attention

--  he tried very hard to distract us from the puzzle

-- I think the only person distracted  ----   was me.

-- Have a super week everyone!!


  1. Hahaha I loved this!! It did seem like i was there hangin out with you guys :) :)

  2. Funny. You are very Jetson like. Now you need to robotic maid.


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