Tuesday, December 15, 2009


According to tradition we purchase a puzzle every Christmas
to work on through the month of December.
Last year we didn't get to the puzzle until after Christmas.

We didn't get the puzzle completed before Baby Girl headed back to college, so she took the puzzle back to school to complete - as well as a second puzzle.

Baby Girl is struggling with taking the two puzzles apart.  So we STILL have the completed puzzles.  I told her she could "glue" them, frame them and hang them in her apartment.
She said:  "I don't like the pictures THAT much, I just don't want to wreck the work I did."

This year's puzzle is 
1000 pieces
24 inches x 30 inches

The guy at Games by James told me
 it is their most popular puzzle this year!
AFTER I chose it.

Baby Girl's boyfriend, Mike, joined the puzzling via Skype.
He is still at college and won't be home until Tuesday evening.
Then he shall join us in our addiction to puzzling.

As of 11:18 pm Tuesday night -- the border is complete.
DIY Guy has headed to bed.
Baby Girl is still studying the picture.
and sorting.


  1. I like the puzzle idea as a tradition...now if only I liked doing puzzles.
    PS I like you new little sprig of pine on your layout...very festive

  2. That was fun! I'll hurry home so I can help you guys for real :)

    p.s. you shoulda put one of those skype pics of me as a werewolf or superman or something ;)

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM CST

    Our family does the same thing....or atleast did when we all lived in the same town or under the same roof!! It's such a relaxing thing to do yet can be competitive to!! We have glued a couple together and framed them!! Happy puzzling!!!!



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