Thursday, December 17, 2009

Occasionally I make DIY guy a bit nervous .... like when I start talking too much.
I'm not sure what it is, but in certain situations, I'll tell you just about anything about me....and DIY that's where he draws the line.  For some uncanny reason, he doesn't like me telling his secrets.  Go figure.

Me....I have no secrets.  I live a very transparent life.  You believe me don't you?  What?  You don't?  I really want to live an authentic life.  So, to move one step closer to being authentic and real -- and transparent --- 

30 years ago ... when I looked like this ... I was very insecure.  Shy.  Introverted.

DIY Guy was the exact OPPOSITE.  He was Mr. Outgoing, very friendly, very talkative, very extroverted.  He was at one end of the continuum... I was at the other.

In the last 30 years, we've both moved closer to the middle, becoming a little bit more like each other.  When we were dating in high school -- I dreaded going to the dances.  Dances meant I had to mingle, talk to people I didn't know....and dance.  And Mr. Popular at school had no problem being the only couple on the dance floor!

People who know me now...but didn't know me back then won't believe a word I just typed.  But it is true.

And so today, in the spirit of being real.  authentic.  transparent.  honest.... I will answer any question you may have been dying to ask me....or just thought of.  Wait...."What's that honey?  You don't think I should answer any question? - You think I might embarrass you?"

Ok, I will answer....  almost any question.  Remember this is a family blog !
Oh, and I will not tell you how much I weigh.  A lady should never tell her age or weight.  Oops... my age isn't a secret --- but my weight is.

So, go ahead and ask away....don't let me down.... 
I just may ask YOU to come clean and answer some questions tomorrow!!


  1. I would like to know... What is your biggest fear!? or pet peeve?? or both please :)

  2. Okay this interests me because it's similar in a way to Lee and I. How did the two of you find common ground? Did it just grow together or what was it?

  3. Hmmm -- biggest fear -- I was going to say something about security -- and being poor or destitute -- but then I thought -- what if I wasn't loved by anyone or God, that would be even worse.

    But I know you were asking Cheri --

    Re Cristen -- for me the toughest part of relationships is to put aside my wants / my desires and put the other person's wants & needs up there with my own. It's simpler when you're head over heals in love (perhaps younger and more idealistic) -- but I find I still need to work at it (fight my own selfishness?)

    -- and then there's the whole forgiveness thing...

    It's not what happens -- it is the things that happen after the argument, or the thing you wish you hadn't said -- those are the important things.


    And as long as I'm throwing things out there today...

    The other thing I have to fight is to think of everyone as mini-me's -- and the thought that "wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone was exactly like me" -- funny really -- and sad, but true. When living with someone who is more of an 'opposite personality' -- this comes to light a little more...

    In a relationship -- you really want what is best for that other person -- and you want them to become who God created them to be -- a lifelong journey of discovery -- and that can be rich & rewarding. (not saying it's easy either).

  4. Mike, my biggest fear would have to be losing my DIY Guy or one of my kids. I don't think about those things losing them like I used to, but sometimes the fears creep in...especially when I won't see them for awhile, or when the kids drive off to the Cities, Winona, or Cincinnati! I can't imagine my life without my man and my kids.

    Biggest pet peeve....bad drivers especially on Hwy 52 on my way to and from work!

  5. Cristen...
    I think Kirk summed it up pretty well. We have both learned a lot about the other person's personality. After all, it was one of the things that attracted us to the each other. There have been some definite moments of growth in our relationship.
    Kirk was perfect for me...he encouraged (sometimes insisting) me to get out of my comfort zone -- and try new things...and meet new people. I've learned a lot from Kirk....and he has even learned a few things from me!

  6. What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you and how did you get through it? :)

  7. Brianna....
    Several things came to my mind right away as the "worst things" that have happened to me. I may have to rephrase your question to what are the "worst things I've experienced".

    1. My parent's divorce.
    2. The very difficult middle school years with our "wild one" while at the same time dealing with my own depression.
    3. A best friends "voting us off the island" -- a.k.a. telling us they no longer wanted to be friends with us.

    All of those things have been quite difficult for me....and my family. It would be very easy for me to say that it was all God. Don't get me wrong -- I totally believe God was still at work in my life - even through my struggles. God was there through the people in my life: My very supportive, patient and loving DIY Guy; Mentors & wise friends; Christian psychologists and psychiatrists --(who I spent many hours with) -- and who I learned so much from; Prescription drugs played a part too (and still do) in managing the effects of depression and anxiety).

    At this point in my very brief life, I know that I have control of nothing. But I also know that there is nothing I can't handle -- or that can separate me from the love of Jesus.

    All of the difficult experiences in my life are part of my "story". To quote Donald Miller, in his book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years": Joy is what you feel when the conflict is over. But it's the conflict that changes a person." "....You put them through hell. That's the only way we change". I have to say, I agree with Don. All the conflicts in my life have changed me. Some continue to change me. "...when something hard happens to you, you have two choices in how to deal with it. You can either get bitter, or get better. I chose to get better. It's made all the difference."

    (This could be a blog post on it's own!)
    thanks for asking Brie!


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