Monday, December 14, 2009

I do this every year -- tell myself I'm "done".  Then keep adding a little bit here and there to my Christmas decorating -- AFTER I told myself to "keep it simple" and after I think I'm done.  "Think" being the operative word here.

I have managed to keep it simple -- but I haven't managed to be "done".  Seems I keep fussing with something every day.  

It's just that I keep getting new ideas running through my head, and then I have to act on them!  Someone pleeeease stop the decorating voices in my head!

For instance, my railing -- I was tired of the "usual" garland.
Something new and different was in order.
I fell asleep the other night
thinking about this.

So I gathered some pine boughs, a few sticks, and ribbon (need more of it) and tied them to the railing.  
Not garland.

Must get to bed earlier.  Must get to bed earlier.......


  1. You're funny. I like the railing, the pine/sticks/ribbon looks very cool. The garland needed a break.

  2. Love the railing...It's very "cheri"

  3. It looks Mahvalous dahrling -- simply Mahvalous :)

  4. Oh goodness... and now we know why I am the way I am...i need inspiration...i think you and JoLynn need a girls trip the Homegoods store is calling...I have a guest/office that will need to be done once i'm down a roommate...I'm saving my moneys....

  5. looks great! can't wait to see it :)

  6. love that!
    I was JUST thinking this year (as I hung it) that my same old same old garland on the railing was a little tired and tried to think of something new, but have neither the time or resources this year to do anything new. Will have to hit the clearance aisles after Christmas to see if I can be inspired for next year.

    Just know that anytime you need a decorating fix or have nowhere to execute all your amazing ideas in your own home, feel free to hop on down here...I have plenty of spaces that need a little somethin' somethin'. ;-)


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