Thursday, December 03, 2009

Finally have got some Christmas decorating - and cleaning done!  I have been a bit paralyzed with decorating for Christmas this year -- I just couldn't find the motivation, inspiration or desire to decorate.  I was beginning to feel some kinship to Scrooge!

I did the centerpiece last week, but that's all I could muster.  
Today it snowed -- only about 2 inches, but I think that's what I needed to get me in the Christmas spirit.

As our Baby Girl would say..."Color me happy".... last night DIY Guy built me a fireplace hearth for the great room fireplace!  It took him about 25 minutes, using scrap recycled wood -- he's amazing....and I'm so excited to have this little touch of ...shall we say, "character"...albeit fake..but so is the gas fire!

Reindeer moss is my new decorating accessory.
They have it at Pottery Barn.
But it is 1/2 the Pottery Barn price
 at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

Re-arranged the furniture to make room for the tree.

which means the table and the loveseat switched places

Lots of different seating areas --
good for intimate conversation

DIY Guy tells me we are going to put the tree up tomorrow evening  - while we drink wine!

That will make the process more enjoyable.


  1. You are further ahead than I am. We get the carpet on tuesday upstairs so I kinda have an excuse for up there, but I have no excuse for the family room, perhaps today will be the day I decorate the family room. The snow does have that effect on people...i think.
    Your house looks very cozy.

  2. Very nice! I really like that little book shelf behind the love seat. I wanna snuggle up there and read a book!


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