Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Breakfast treat

Baby Girl's BF treated us to breakfast yesterday morning  - with our eggs, bread and bacon.
Baby Girl made the bacon.  Actually, she heated up some pre-cooked bacon.  It still counted though.

BF Mike treated the family by MAKING breakfast.
Which for me is a treat - I don't usually eat much of a breakfast -- and when I do, I make it for myself.  Just like everyone else does at our house.

Mike made Toads in a Hole.
You might call them something else.  Like:  Egg-in-a-basket; Frog-in-a-hole; Egg basket; Bird's Nest Egg; Toad Hole; Egg Hole; Pop Eyes; Egg Toast; Private Eyes.

If you've never experienced the culinary delight of the above named breakfast treat, much less made them, here's the tutorial:

Get yourself some bread, butter and eggs.
Spread the bread slices with butter (number depends on how many you plan to make).

Then take a drinking glass (or biscuit cutter) and press onto the bread slice, making a hole in the bread.

Continue until you've done all the bread you need for breakfast for your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.  Or just you.

Save the little circles you cut out.  Erbs would call them the "guts".  Erbs...as in Erbert and Gerbert's.  It's a sub sandwich chain in Minnesota.  Do you have them?  Nom Nom.

When you have cut holes in all the bread slices you need --  you are ready to start cooking!

I think a medium flame will do fine.  Mike used the hand-me-down electric griddle I have. I recommend getting one of these babies -- they are perfect for french toast, pannacakes, and toad in the holes.  Especially if you have a crowd to make breakfast for.  If you are health conscience, spray the pan/griddle with a cooking spray.  Otherwise you could cook them in a puddle of butter.

Then start putting the toads in the holes . . .

Who knew?  BF happens to be a pretty darn good egg cracker!  It appeared he had made these a few times.  

Next go ahead and throw those bread "guts" on the griddle too . . . toast on both sides.  They will be your "dunking" toast.  You could salt and pepper the eggs now too -- unless you are limiting your salt - or have high blood pressure.

Watch 'em toads and guts closely --- don't want to burn the dunkers!

If you are being treated to breakfast -- go ahead and catch up on Facebook while you wait

After about a minute, the eggs will be ready to flip

Cook the second side until desired done-ness.  Is doneness a word?  Spell check doesn't think so.

If you are an egg dunker -- these are for you. 

My kids call these "dunk eggs" -- or sunnysideup eggs when not in the hole.  

Toad in holes saves you a step -- eggs and toast all-in-one.  No need for a toaster!

I am not much of an egg eater -- even though I have the freshest eggs in the neighborhood - but I will admit to eating TWO of these wonderful treats! 
It could have been because I didn't make them -- you know how food tastes better when someone else makes it?  But maybe it's because they are just THAT good!

Thanks for making breakfast BF Mike!  You rock!
Who's getting up and making me breakfast tomorrow morning???


  1. We call the soft eggs, "Dip eggs" at our house. I saw these on Pioneer womans blog once, they go look yummy, I'll have to give um a try sometime. Nice Job Mike !!!

  2. Mmmm:) another recc. spread raspberry or strawberry jam before diving in, sweet + salty = yummmm

  3. Who will get up & make you breakfast... oops -- didn't read until this morning... does making coffee count and having it on a timer so it's ready for you? :)

  4. Yum! We always called them "dip eggs" I never knew the real name, but that's what I always say! I wonder if my parents made that up. Way to go Mike!


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