Sunday, November 01, 2009

Still kids at heart

Friday night proved it --- adults like to play dress up too!

And although I don't enjoy the process of figuring out a costume
and dressing up -- it is always fun to go to 
Scott & Amy's Halloween Party.

they have a large collection of decorations

and food -- that is a bit scarey

Witch Fingers anyone?

No?  Ok, how about some brains....????

Occasionally well-known guests are invited . . .

Bob Barker did his The Price is Right show 
from the party this year!

A really nice construction worker
brought a cute tourist he met downtown earlier that night.

The construction worker really captured 
the attention of the red-headed tourist

she just couldn't keep her eyes off him.

A pair of earbuds showed up --- looking for their iPod

We don't think this guy was invited . . .

We were all a bit relieved when 
he local Priest showed up

With a couple zombies walking around - it got a bit unnerving

especially when they started looking for braaiiiinnnnssss

they didn't bother me too much
I assured them I didn't have brains worth taking!

Scott  and  Amy
Our host and hostess for the evening

The surgeon 
was also the photographer
and the DJ

Earbuds won the costume contest
Bob Barker and contestant Rhonda came in 2nd place

Everyone danced the night away
Construction worker took cute tourist home 
and they lived happily ever after!
The End.


  1. wow, scott and amy really went all out this year with their costumes!! hope the kids didn't see them like that! yikes. and AWESOME costume this year, mom, really, you pull that awkward, nerdy tourist look off very well! hahaha, and the witch fingers look awesome too, but,

    which witch finger did you choose? hahaha

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM CST

    Looks fun!

  3. Anonymous7:22 AM CST

    Nate -- they did not let their kids see them.

    - Dad


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