Sunday, November 08, 2009


I'm reading Don Miller's book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years -- and after recently reading Ryan's blog; I am also reminded that I’d better write down memories -  so that I don’t forget them.  

After all, it’s hard to say we’ve even lived certain parts of our lives if we can’t remember them.

Today DIY Guy (and this sweet little boy's daddy), and I trimmed some huge Red-Twig Dogwoods on our property.  As we were collecting the branches, we couldn't help but remember our stick loving little boy  . . .

We had LOTS of sticks to move . . .

Of which I saved all the prettiest red ones for decorating purposes . . .

As we picked up the sticks, and loaded them in the truck we thought of our little boy . . .

and how he loved sticks - 

and the longer the stick  --- the better

We found ourselves saying things like:  "This is a Nate stick"  and "Nate would definitely pick this stick".

Oh my, he would have been in his glory with all these sticks

Our little guy would look through all the sticks and keep "upgrading" until he was sure he had found the absolute longest stick.

Especially if there was a fire in his near future .  . .

Because this little guy knew that the longer the roasting stick was, the farther he could stand from the smoke!


  1. hahaha, YES. When I got older, I upgraded to walking sticks, and whittle the bark off them to make a nice smooth walking stick. But i for sure remember that day at the campfire when i found that super long roasting stick! haha, good times.
    And the other story from when i scared you in the stairs with the sticks i think is my favorite childhood story. haha

  2. Theres just something about boys...sticks...and fires, brings back some memories of a certain boy I know.
    Love the picture of Nate with the HUGE stick and a itty bitty marshmellow on the end of it.

  3. My brothers and I spent lots of time while camping looking for perfect sticks, haha.

  4. this post is so sweet! Makes me cry. I am so excited to have so many memories to make in front of us and at the same time afraid I won't remember them!

  5. Oh have memories of your boy now! Write them down in little notes and stick 'em in one spot so when you get a chance to blog or write, you have them! Note Nate's comment....our kids love to hear stories about themselves! Foster will too!

    If you do a blog, tell me!


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