Monday, November 09, 2009

Squirrel'n Away

Accumulate.  Amass. Assemble. 


Collect. Conceal.  Cover.

Garner.  Gather.
Harvest.  Hoard.

Pack away.  Put away.  Put in the hole.

Save. Sock away.  Stock up.  Store.  Stash.

Squirrel away.

and that is exactly what 
the rodents squirrels in our yard
have been busy doing.

We unburied MANY apples in our raking
and yard clean up over the weekend.

It felt a bit like an egg hunt!


  1. ya big what are they going to eat?

  2. i think it's ok, cara. Squirrels don't even remember where they hide at least half the food they bury. They will have more than enough!

  3. Cara....we didn't remove them, just uncovered them...and there are plenty of apples and pears around the yard!

  4. Sometimes I feel like a squirrel -- look at all the *stuff* around here! Oh my!

  5. how dare you dig up/uncover their food like that! now others can get it! they worked hard to do that! and nate, YES THEY DO!

    i love squirrels! can i have a pet one? :)


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