Sunday, November 15, 2009

A new gadget . . .

Recently I bought a gadget --- this gadget converts 35mm slides and film to a digital photo...and I am llllll-ov-in it!

Our printer/scanner does the same thing - but it takes a lot longer and is more complex to use.  This baby is a cinch to use.

I've been going through slides I haven't seen for a verrrrry long time.  Pictures from our dating years, HS graduation, honeymoon, fun times before kids  - - - 

Pictures of our first baby that I had totally forgot about. . . 

I was so surprised to see those pictures of DIY guy and our first born.

Then there are plenty of interesting pictures like this:


and like this:

I happen to like this one --- me in a bikini ! 
I think that was the last time I wore one too!

but these......oh my........sigh.............

Anyone have some good ideas for old slides that are no longer needed?

P.S.  Did you catch the scanning error in one photo?


  1. can you say 'thin' -- or used in a sentence... The slide film really makes you look thin. ;)

  2. daddy's shirt is printed backwards!!! I LOVE those pictures...all of them...but the ones of daddy and me!!!! who knew your photography skills started early...and mom you were SMOKIN...i mean your still smomkin...but dang girl!!!

  3. Yes, I caught the backwards text on Kirk's shirt. I was trying to stop churckling at his jean shorts until I saw the wicker chair! Sorry Kirk. Someone I went to elementary school with posted some class pics and some people had their pics taken in the same chair! And I was looking at pictures recently of when I was born and I laughed at my dad, too.

  4. More fun for you, cheri. I saw a contraption at shopko for converting your slides to digital...I wonder if it's the same thing. it was about $80.00. Thinking about getting it for my dad for Christmas.

  5. Why isn't that picture of Kirk in the wicker chair framed and above your fireplace, because it should be!!!

    awesome photos by the way, i enjoyed them!! :)


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