Saturday, November 07, 2009


I'm learning to shoot on manual - with my "big girl" camera.

I took these pictures last night out one of our back windows.  I just opened the window (screens already out) and shot the pic.

It's a little blurry -- but at least it isn't completely dark -- or completely washed out.

You can even see the fence in this one . . .

. . . this may not be exciting to you, but this is huge for me!
By the way, I didn't use my photography "crutch" (editing)on any of these.

. . . this kid I know, Colin -- 
he's really good at 
photography and videography.

. . . he taught me about "metering" 
a few weeks ago when he visited us 
(from California)
I "get" metering !

Maybe you can
 teach an old dog
new tricks!


  1. I've done the same thing...sitting out on my driveway, camera on Tripod trying to "Shoot the moon". I'm learning as well, it's fun isnt it

  2. Great job!!!
    :) thanks Cheri


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