Thursday, November 05, 2009

Blue Eyes


efore Melissa moved away to the far away land of Omaha, she asked me take some photos of her sweet little boy, Foster.

It was nap time for the little guy, but he held it together for us and put up with my nonsense.  His eyes really ARE THAT blue! (just like his momma's)

He had already had a full morning with a trip from Minneapolis to Rochester and some visits with other friends before he got to our house.

He smiles so easily -- just like his mom and dad.

But can be serious when he chooses.

I took lots of pictures --- maybe a couple hundred -- 

How they managed to get their picks down to just the photos I'm posting is beyond me!  Not that the photographer or the pictures are that awesome -- it's the subject!  I'm pretty sure that the "subject" is 95% of a great picture!

This next photo is Melissa's favorite. . .

In his momma's words......   

"This is my favorite!!! I love it so much!!! I can’t decide which version I like, but I know I like it best!!!! "

I gave her several different edited versions of each photo she liked.
I'd have a tough time choosing -- 

You are missed Melissa ---  and Matt ---  and Foster!
We wish you the best in Omaha!


  1. He is a great subject, but you did a great job Cheri, Love the pics

  2. What a nice post, Cheri!!! I just love the pics! You did such a great job! I need to start a blog.
    Yours is just so sweet!


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