Thursday, November 19, 2009

16 years.
The number of years we experienced life with kids in school.   
Sixteen years of helping with homework (and enduring homework tears), going to parent-teacher conferences, packing lunches, signing permission slips, volunteering in classrooms, doing school projects, going on field trips, proms, homecoming, danceline, plays, sporting events, band concerts, graduation open houses, chaperoning dances, award get the idea.  Night after night of running here...and there...and constant activity.

and now we are experiencing......

Quiet.  Silence.  Just the two of us.  Night after night.  

.....and we aren't complaining. . . 

Because . . . . now we eat dinner and don't have homework afterwards.
because  . . . now we can watch what we like on tv --- without interruption.
because . . .  now we don't run every night of the week.
   blah, blah, get the idea.  
We do miss those things from time to time --- we don't....what am I saying?

Enjoy each life stage -- they're all their own way.


  1. Packing lunches? Didn't that stop in 5th grade? Or even before that? I think I was packing my own lunches by 3rd grade! ;) and you forgot all the cast parties you hosted! Pretty big deal!

  2. Ah c'mon! not tryin to make you sad, but you know there are some nights that you wish there were little kids runnin around and you had to correct their homework for them!!

    ...speaking of that, if you ever do get that urge to correct or just do homework in generel, let me know so i can email you all my online assignments!! ;)

  3. wow!!! I have just left the stage you are in for a long long long time. I have alot of years of packing lunches, homework, dances, etc. But, I am enjoying every minute of it. I think it is good advice to enjoy the stage your in and I think you are handling your empty next beautifully!


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