Sunday, October 04, 2009

Yesterday we woke up in Cincinnati - and went to bed in Rochester.

As expected, pulling away from the curb in front of our girl's home brought some sadness.  Yet, I also felt so proud of her. . .  as she stood there in front of "her" place (with Tim). She has accomplished so much and is so independent.

She's lived there for 3 years - learning to navigate a big city and taking on all the challenges of being a single girl in a big city - going to school, following her dream, working, making new friends.

She has bought new furniture and beautifully decorated her own place.

I never had this kind of independence.  I went from living with my parent's to living with my husband.  Which was fine -- but I recognized this week that Cara is far more confident and has a much better sense of self and what she wants in life than I did at her age.  

I'm so glad our kids are experiencing life away from home -- in their own places (even at college).  They are learning so much -- gaining independence -- stretching and growing.

and as much as I miss them....

I love seeing them grow and mature --
They are doing exactly what they should be doing . . .

Growing up.

But they are never too grown-up to cuddle up with 
their daddy and sleep a wink or two.

Yes it's hard living 650 miles away from our girl
but SO fun visiting - 

Thanks Cara & Tim - for taking us around town and showing
us the unique and fun city of Cincinnati!
We had a blast!


  1. I/We loved having you!!!! You were so helpful, and your welcome ANYTIME!!! The pics turned out really cute!!!

  2. Notice the last picture -- that was the one taken with the three of us before I was asked to MOVE LEFT / get out of the way :)

    Good work on the painting Cheri!

  3. Love that you were watching Kung Fu Panda btw. hahaha


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