Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will a bribe work?

I ate this tonight.
While I savored the graham cracker crust with layers of cheesecake, pumpkin and fresh whipped cream - I thought of you.

Yes, you . . . and the other 50+ people who stop by this blog throughout the day and/or week.

I thought how you would probably love to make this ahhhhh-mazing dessert for yourself.
And I wondered how badly you might want the recipe -- pondering what you might "do" to be able to gobble this tasty treat with your own fork.

Which in turn made me think how I have some recipes that I like to selfishly keep to myself...which I know, I know, is rude.  After all --  I have most of my recipes because someone graciously gave them to me -- including this one.

But alas, I can't resist.  My incessant curiosity to discover my readers overwhelms me....
If you leave a comment, or email me (see address under my photo) requesting the recipe, I'll send it to you in a nice, neat printable document, complete with photo!  (which is so much better than me putting it in the blog post.

I'm just astonished, amazed and flattered that so many of you are interested in my daily musings.  

Thanks for all your visits!  I really get a kick seeing in my stats where all my readers are from!


  1. no comments yet??? that's cwazy!

    Can't wait to try it!

  2. Please please send my way, I need to pack on my winter warmth:)

  3. I'd say send it my way -- but I can see the recipe over there on the table :)

    Oh, and yes, it was yummy.

  4. Katie :)11:31 PM CDT

    Hmm Cheri I would LOVE the recipe. And yes, to answer your question, I am a frequent stalker/creeper of your blog, I was just closeted before I guess! I promise, if you send me the recipe I will make it for your beautiful daughter to enjoy :)

  5. Cheri! I am a pumpkin FREAK. I totally need this recipe!!! Let me know if you need more info to get it my way. I can't wait to make it!!

  6. Anonymous9:56 AM CDT

    Would love the recipe!

  7. Sooo... i was just thinkin. If you sent me the recipe there is a very low probability that I will actually make it.. So if i'm really nice to you will you make it and then i'll just eat it!? :)

  8. I'm with Mike on this one! Lol. Derek will be eternally mad at me if I don't ask for the recipe so after he twisted my arm (right) I decided to do it. Did I mention I love pumpkin?

  9. Anonymous3:28 PM CDT

    Yum. Cheri, you know I lurk everyday and I do comment but it usually kicks back at me and I get discouraged and then I give up. Pumpkin bars would cheer me up.Amen
    Love, Sara

  10. I am already drooling! I LOVE pumpkin. Send it my way. :)

  11. Is this the Fat free version? Ugh...I'll take it anyway, looks fabulous.

  12. Isn't this my recipe? If not I have it in my book....I will take $$ to give it to anyone hehe or not...


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