Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An unusual evening

Church tonight
Started out like any other 
Wednesday evening worship service

Everyone there knew what to expect
and what would happen  . . .
Sing - Prayer - FYI announcements

at least everyone thought they knew
 how the evening would unfold.

Somewhere during the announcements our Pastor started talking about how we honor God with singing, with offerings, by managing our finances, etc., and by obeying . . . .and. . .

. . . then he began talking about a couple who approached him last Sunday about getting married in February.  He asked the gentleman for his address, and then the future bride.
Their addresses were the same.  
After some conversation they decided to get married right away, because they wanted to be God honoring in their relationship.

So they got a marriage license.

And our Pastor invited the two of them to join him up front --- as the traditional wedding processional played, Mike and Joyce left their seats and walked to the front of the auditorium

and repeated their vows

and exchanged rings

and were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. !!

Then we all rose to our feet, clapped, 
whistled, shouted, cheered

We were all so proud of them!

then we celebrated with cake and punch

Mike and Joyce are still planning to have a formal wedding ceremony, celebration and honeymoon in February.

But now they can live at the same address
and honor God in their relationship.

Behind the Scenes:
-  Cindy called me Tuesday night (I wasn't home - and didn't get the message til 11:30pm)
-  I sent Cindy a Facebook message with my cell phone and gave her some times to call.
-  Cindy called at 7:50 am this morning.  I was on my way to work.
-  She told me a couple at church would be getting married during the service tonight.
-  Cindy wondered if I had any tablecloths or ideas for tables. 
-  Cindy had ordered a sheet cake - and a small wedding cake.
-  I told her I'd take care of the tablecloths and decorations and be at the church by 6:15.
-  It was more like 6:30 before I got there.
-  With Lorri & Lisa's help, the four of us set-up, decorated, cut cake, made punch, lit candles and were ready for a wedding and reception in 30 minutes!

So much for months and years of planning!  This was an awesome wedding -- and so fun!


  1. Nice job on the planning, food, decorating & pictures. Congrats to Mike & Joyce! Many thanks to Cindy & Cheri.

  2. what an awesome story! Sorry to have missed it!!


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