Wednesday, October 14, 2009

trickling in . . .

The kids have begun to trickle in -- "in" being home.

Baby Girl arrived this afternoon --

She was already settled in by the time I got home from work - and shortly after my arrival she brought out her art folder to show me the art projects she had done.  Memories came flooding back of when the kids were little and couldn't wait to show me what they had made at school.  

While I finished my baking project for Thursday night - Baby Girl went to the mall, with her birthday $ to buy the shoes she's had her eye on for months.   She came back a disappointed girl - they were gone.  

While sitting with me at the salon, she called Mike (her BF)  in the Cities from her cell phone 
to have him look up the item code on the website - and then the Mall of America store phone number.  When the MOA store didn't have the shoes, Mike continued to send phone numbers of other stores in the Cities.  But no success.  Not a single store had the shoes.  Our girl gave up.
After dinner of her choice (subs), she asked her daddy if he would take her to Target to look at shoes -- and he said YES!  Let me just say that if I had asked to go to Target to look at shoes after eating dinner - he wouldn't have gone.  She still has him wrapped around her pinky finger.

Target didn't have anything close to the beauties she had her heart set on -- and she "needed" these shoes to go with her outfit for the wedding we are all attending on Friday night.  THEN......
Mike called.
He ordered her the shoes online.
He paid for overnight shipping!
She will have them Friday morning.

I nominate Mike for best BF of the month for this.
You can vote by leaving a comment.

Later our little girl taught us how to play Idiot.
that's a card game.

Then, since she was on a roll -- she got her daddy to play Kings in the Corner with her.

Then daddy taught her how to play Poker.
Now they are laughing at videos on the computer.

I love having the kids home.
Friday - the rest of the kids come home.
No sleep for us this weekend!


  1. Oh fun, they're all comin'. Friday is gonna go way too fast. I need to be able to slow down the hours so I can see Cara longer!

  2. Oh, and good job Mike, what a caring BF

  3. serious mass skills mike!!!

  4. BF of the month? how about the YEAR?!? :)

  5. WOW! That is great!

  6. ... does not have me wrapped around her pinky... ;)

    index finger maybe

  7. Mike IS amazing, big ole point for you mike !!!
    Cant wait to see all you kids at the wedding including the BF's
    I'm glad you get to have them all for the weekend and thanks for sharing them.

  8. Pinky.
    and maybe Index finger too.


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