Monday, October 19, 2009

To buy or not to buy?

Back in April, I posted about the kids saying good-bye to Tanya, who had drove her last mile. You can read about it here if your memory fails you like mine does.

"Tanya", as Baby Girl affectionately called the 1990 Camry, died of transmission failure.
Tanya's demise meant we had some car decisions to make.  Do we buy another car?  Wing it with less vehicles?  Buy mom a new car?  

A month ago DIY Guy made a decision.

... when he came across this vehicle

which turned out to be a good decision.

But we didn't tell the kids right away.  We like surprises!

Baby girl found out first, because she happened to be home one weekend that Nate wasn't.  The car still needed new tires and an alignment, so she didn't take the car back to school, and kept the secret.

This past weekend we surprised Nate.
He must have been pretty happy.
He posted this on his Facebook page:

Nate has amazing parents.

No, the car doesn't have writing on it....I did that on the photo.
Yes, it is a red Honda Civic
(a whopping 7 years newer than their last wheels)
It was free.


Yes, I am


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  1. love love love love love love loooove the new car! :D so happy to have it! :D now maybe i can go back to not resenting the van and can appreciate it for all the cargo it can hold like i used to! :D


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