Sunday, October 18, 2009

That was fast!

Talk about a fast and full weekend!  Sheesh.

Time flew - but it was so fun.  

We had recreation time . . .

. . .and a wedding that we all attended . . .

Where we did a little catching up with friends as we celebrated a marriage with their family

These two have been best friends since 1992!

and these three have been friends just as long.
(our girls with the groom)

The day after the wedding we showed Tim around Rochester 
Which really only included downtown 

. . . and the Plummer House

We didn't have much time.
We had to pick up Cara's car after getting new tires.
and then to church on Saturday night
then we took Tim to Mr. Pizza to experience the bliss
(we also made sure he got some Culver's for lunch)
and then we all watched a movie
and then we were exhausted
so we went to bed
and woke up at 6:30 am
to send the Cincinnati kids off on their 10 hour journey.

we "tucked in" the yard today - putting away summer stuff
and covering the pool
and had dinner with Mike, Danae, Nate
Then sent Mike back to the UofM
then at at 9:00 pm tonight
we sent off the last two to Winona.


  1. It did go fast... I hope to blog soon about the wedding. Thanks for sharing the joy with our family, I loved the pictures you took of our kids at the wedding.
    Looks like you guys had a nice time with ALL the kids even if only for a short time.

  2. The weekend was an absolute blast! Its fun to check out all those pics :) Thanks for everything mama!

    p.s. i'm eating one of those AMAZING pumpkin bars as i'm writing this :)

  3. Glad you liked the Skyline and the pumpkin bars Mike! It was good to have you home.

  4. Thanks for everything mommy! The weekend was an absolute blast!! Tim and I had tons of fun! Can't wait to do it again!!!! love you and miss you already!!!

  5. Whew! Busy! I love a wedding when the Dietzmans are there! Plus Mike and Tim!


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