Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Our "Oklahoma kids" had us over for a lovely, tasty, homemade dinner this evening -- at their very cute home.

One of the foods on the menu was Acorn Squash.
I heart squash.

They used Pioneer Woman's 
"Sweet-Roasted-Rosemary-Acorn-Squash recipe.
You can find it here.

Oh Lordie .....is it ever good!

I scraped my squash wedges as clean as I could get them.
During dessert DIY Guy commented, "I'm noticing that you all have squash skins left on your plate....are you not supposed to eat them?"

Then he asked, "Is it OK to eat them?"

I guess I don't make squash enough for the guy.
I'm going to change that!

Oh....and I did some quick research ... 
it IS OK to eat the Acorn Squash skin.

It's just that most people don't.
It would never even cross my mind to eat the skin!

How 'bout you?
What "skins" do you eat?


Did you ever peel a grape and eat it?
I remember doing that as a kid...
back in the day, 
when I had a lot of time on my hands.

Thanks for dinner and a wonderful evening "kids"!!

P.S.  Is it ok that I called you our OK kids? 


  1. I must try this squash recipe, and yes... I LOVE baked potato skins.

  2. I was gonna say, my mom eats potatoe skins :)

  3. I suppose we can handle just being "OK". LOL. just kidding - we love being an adopted part of your family :) You should let Kirk know that I gave the dogs some skins after lunch today and they were soo excited after they ate them. Seems he's not the only one who likes them :) (Although, Im not sure if being in the same field as a dog is any consolation...)

  4. Dogs are like angels among us ;) So I don't mind the comparison at all.


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