Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh deer

I take pictures almost every day.  
Have I ever told you that before?
Most of the pictures I take don't make it to the blog --
and many photos that I won't ever use are 
taking up space on my hard drive and need to be deleted.

I took the camera out this afternoon to take a few pictures of the "berries" on our crabapple tree - when I downloaded the pictures I took -- I found these. . .

Our boy was home for a dental appointment today
and captured a photo of three deer that were in our yard.
I think these young deer are the triplets 
we've seen around the neighborhood

Third deer between arrows

He didn't actually get a photo of them in our yard - 
eating our pears
because he couldn't find my camera!
I realize deer are no big deal
I just like seeing wildlife
whether it's in my yard or not.

I'm still happy he took the pictures!
I love it when he shoots surprise pictures with my camera.

This is the picture I took.

Cristen . . . that's a tip for you . . .
I take LOTS of pictures

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