Thursday, October 08, 2009

Make the best of a rainy day . . .

Rain on your wedding day could be a disappointment.

But it could also be an opportunity for some amazing photos...

The bride is a former college roommate of Cara's.

I think these are the best wedding
 photo composition I've ever seen.

Location, location, location ...

not just important in real estate.

This one.....

is my absolute favorite 

I would SO have a huge print of this picture
framed and hung in my house -if I were the bride.

Rainy days can be good things sometimes.
I need to remember that.


  1. I absolutely loved these photos... thanks for sharing! Missed you guys tonight!

  2. Love the pics...i'll have to send her the link on FB...It helps when you have pretty people...FYI i think the guy jumping is one of Kate's friends from family camp! :)

  3. I am so impressed, They are ALL my favorites

  4. Saw this link posted on Kaylee's facebook. The photographer is Noemi Hedrick. You can go to for more photos. She is my pastor's wife-- she is amazing!


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