Sunday, October 25, 2009

Made the best of it

It snowed on Friday.

No big deal here
in MinneSNOWta

We had a full weekend planned with friends
Original plan was a trip to Lake Geneva, WI
We traded that trip in for more local trip - 
(totally unrelated to weather)
Friday First stop:
Shopping at TJ Maxx (the girls)
2nd stop:
Dinner downtown @ Newt's
3rd Stop:
 Sequence matches.
 Girls vs. Guys

Saturday morning we packed up and headed out of dodge
to the Twin Cities.

First stop
Seven Corners Hardware in St. Paul.
It's a step back in time.  The guys love it.

Proof that us girls can find decorating materials just about anywhere!
These are copper toilet floats.  
Soon to be decorated as Christmas tree ornaments!
Look for them at the Festival of Trees in Rochester.

No seats left for us, but this looks like a blast!

Lunch here
The Wild Onion
Grand Avenue
Very good - especially after I convinced the waitress
that she had brought me the wrong sandwich!
I happen to KNOW what a Chicago Beef sandwich is.  
Duh.  She didn't believe me when I told her my order was wrong,
Shopped a bit on Grand Ave (Penzey's spices - mmmm)
then to our hotel . . .

to rest on the Westin Hotel "Heavenly Bed"
but only for a little while.
We had a tour scheduled of the Condo's in the Westin.
That will be tomorrow's post.


  1. I LOVE The westin! We stayed there for my bachelorette. Seriously most comfortable beds ever! Looks like a fun weekend!

  2. I Love Grand ave and st paul. A fun place to walk. Brice used to work at restoration hardware on Grand, Did you get to that store...expendsive but fun to look.


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