Friday, October 30, 2009

A couple weeks ago DIY Guy was "tucking in the yard" for the winter.  When it came time to move the heavy clay chiminea he called in reinforcements -- and this time it wasn't me!

Our boy did call me to come out with my camera.  I wasn't sure why he was so concerned I document this yearly task -- then I learned that there was much speculation on how to lift, and whether the old pot would survive.

Ready ....

. . . Lift . . . 

....   or not.

done.  gone.  over.  trash.

I was not disappointed.
I had lobbied for the thing to be trashed back in June when DIY Guy decided to fix it with heat resistant caulk.  How DO you say that word ?  ....  "cawk"?  or "culk"?
He claimed the bright (irridescent) caulk would fade and blend in.  That we probably would never notice the attempt at repairing the many cracks.

But that's all I saw were the cracks.
the ugly bright pink crack lines all over the pot.

Farewell dear chimenea.  You served us well, heated many a cool evening and provided warm romantic light and fire for many.

Next year....  perhaps one that won't break.  Or be so heavy.

Cawk.  I say Cawk.  Rhymes with hawk.


  1. For some reason I think this is really funny. Especially the picture where Kirk is looking right at you.

  2. I say calk too. I was there when Kirk was fixing the cracks. It was very bright pink!

  3. Too funny! At least you know you used it till it fell apart!

  4. First comment -- I was bummed Cheri didn't have on the quick 'bunch of pics in a row' option on to catch the break sequence.

    Second comment -- note to self and others -- buy the metal one -- much easier to move and less likely to break over time.


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