Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cincinnati - Day Four

Day Four -- 
Cara worked 7pm to 7am this morning -- so she came home from work and slept.
While our girl was sleeping -- DIY Guy and I began painting her living room.  Cara joined us when she woke up - then us girls started painting her kitchen.  While we painted DIY Guy set this up for Cara . . .

Her living room has a neat fireplace mantel -- but it had an ugly "insert" that looked like linoleum.  A roll of black contact paper and some 75% off wall candle sconces later and we have a very chic looking (and romantic) new look.

Starting to paint the kitchen - a very pretty deep gray.

We had to quit painting so we could go out to dinner and a walk along the river with the "kids"

The parks in Cincinnati are amazing and beautiful

This is where Cara and Tim went on their first date
A lookout over the Ohio River

I'm really excited about how this river walk photo turned out
SOOC (Straight-out-of-camera) shot - no edits

The Montogomery Inn Boathouse
Classy joint - A Cincy top 10 must do

Ahhhmazing ribs!

Tomorrow --
1.  Finish painting the kitchen
2.  Shops at Ludlow
3.  Findlay Market
4.  New Tires for Cara's car
5.  Review Cara's health insurance plan
6.  Bass Pro Shop
7.  Savor every minute of our last day here. :(


  1. I love the new fire place screen! It has a great romantic glow, makes me want to curl up and grab a blanket, book and hot cocoa:)

  2. I'm so glad you and kirk are having such a good time with Cara (and tim) The photos are beautiful, the decorating is very cool. Fun stuff :)


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