Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Chicken Doctor

Some of you may have heard about my struggles with our chickens.  
Sometime in the spring they decided that eating their own eggs was a good idea.

I quickly became frustrated with this bad habit and determined
to figure out who was partaking of my baking ingredient!

Soon I caught Rosie in the act of pecking away at a broken egg.

Later that same day -- Dorothy was having a sample

My egg supply was quickly dwindling and I was ready to roast a few birds.

In desperation I sent an email to the only Chicken Doctor I knew of.
April -- from Coal Creek Farm.
Not only is April a good Chicken Doctor - she also writes a 
very entertaining blog!

April recently posted my letter on her blog...
you can read it here.

Thanks to April and her good advice Rosie is alive
and well and enjoying a good deal of protein these days!

Thanks April!!!

Love, Shorty


  1. You should send her the youtube video of Georgia and Gabby going at it when you email her back to thank her, since she mentioned that she never thought she'd see the day that a chicken would attack a dog, and that's something that Georgia LOVES to do. haha.

  2. Hey! You talkin' bout me? I forgot to respond to your egg cleaning question.

    I'm to the point that I throw out the really dirty eggs because they are not worth my time and I use a warm rage to wipe off the other eggs if they are a tiny bit soiled. I don't run them under hot water because eggs are porous and the water does get in the egg. I do leave my eggs on the counter for a day or two without incident, but that's probably not the safest practice.

    This is one area where I think other folk would be more or less diligent than myself. Choose your egg washing path wisely my friend.

  3. Hey Shorty! You know how I feel about dirty cannibal chickens... I love 'um and they taste great too! :-)

  4. So cool! Just be careful what you feed them - my sister's chicken ate the dog food and the eggs tasted like puppy chow :) Lol!


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