Friday, September 25, 2009


Last night the pool looked like this.
(Gabby is "fishing" - lots of tree frogs swimming around in the big puddle)

Today at 1:00 pm
It looked like this

In less than 4 hours they had the old liner out and this new liner in.
I was disappointed that I'd missed the process.

See how they covered the stairs.
There are two "vacuums" sucking air through the skimmers to get all of the wrinkles out of the liner as it fills.  After the liner was installed -- the re-fill was started shortly thereafter --did you notice our lovely iron infested water?

Here's the liner up close.
We really wanted the "mosaic" bottom and sides
so we had to settle with this not so cool edge...
but once the water is in, who will notice with the crystal
clear, blue water!
Not me!

Oh...and look who came home tonight!

She makes sitting at my computer
 so much more fun and meaningful !

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  1. The pool looks great... sorry it's so much work for you guys... But we did have fun with you this year.


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