Thursday, September 17, 2009


rANdoMnEsS --

Flower:  Cleome
raNdOmLy "volunteered" to grow in  pile of dirt DIY Guy moved to make the patio.

Sunflowers that the squirrels and mice raNdOmLy climb and eat the seeds from.

A raNdOm sunflower that they didn't destroy.

A raNdOm picture of my DIY Guy -- who is not raNdOm at all.

I raNdOmLy took a picture of one of my favorite cookies -- made from leftover pie crust.

Our raNdOm hens that think they have to sit on the same egg (which is really a golf ball) and use the same nesting box when there are 3 other empty boxes.  They raNdOmLy sit in here all day sometimes.

A raNdOm picture of one of my favorite tomato servings.

DIY Guy and I raNdOmLy started reading these funny cards at the mall the other night -- this way we were able to "give" each other many different cards -- and get many good laughs!

raNdOm squash (pumpkin) blossom picture -- I think the blossoms should be white for the white pumpkins.

Home grown apples.

The end.


  1. love these two posts!

  2. I love that picture of daddy bye himself...the not so random!

  3. HAHAHAHA, the chickens are so dumb!! hahahahaha.

    btw, it was dad AND me who moved that dirt pile, thanks very much. ;-)

  4. are right, again. You AND dad moved that dirt pile....and you have the Popeye muscles to prove it!

  5. I love the apple picture and the dirty cannibal chickens are too funny!

  6. hahaha, i made the picture of rosie and dorothy my desktop image. they're so dumb.


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