Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home tour

DIY Guy and I like to take walks -- which usually are through the neighborhood, and "next door" neighborhood.  My favorite walks are on the bike path.  The best time to walk through the neighboorhood is at night -- because then you can see "inside" the houses (if they have lights on).

Our Nate loves to go to the local Showcase of Homes -- and tour the homes.  Usually he heads to the most expensive homes to see how the rich and famous live.

Today I'm in St. Louis - and we are taking a tour of a "family home".

Ver' nice curb appeal!

Just inside the door - the foyer.

the dining room to the right

The master bathroom -- which I call the "movie star bathroom"

I mean, seriously -- isn't this a bathroom to spend some time in?
I need want a bathroom like this - it's my favorite room in the house
Can we have dinner in here tomorrow?

The outside -- is just as beautiful...
heading around the garage to the backyard . . .

a (nearly finished) project in process - 
a stone path/with steps to the backyard.

so pretty

to add outdoor living space - an outdoor room
under the deck

Need a nap?  
The hammock with overhead ceiling fans
 is a perfect spot!

this is the backyard - not a park!

More park.

Two levels of outdoor living!

An owner with  green thumb

living in the tropics of St. Louis
 is a gardener's delight
This gardener -- is a pro.

Not a good idea to leave me home alone in your home -- 

This family home -- is where my sister and brother-in-law live.  They are very talented and creative people -- and wonderful hosts!  ...and when they open the blog to catch up on my posts, they will be very surprised to see their home -- cuz I didnt' tell them I was doing this!

Thanks Bob and Sandy!  ;)
You have a beautiful home that needed to be shared with the blog world!


  1. A talented family to be sure!

  2. Anonymous11:28 PM CDT

    Oh my gosh, I wish I had cleaned the bathroom!!! Thanks for the compliments and helping with lunch and the great company! We know who to call for pictures if we ever want to sell.

  3. Now I know why you couldn't make it to church!


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