Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fish Tales

First let me just say...."I'mmmmmmm Baaaaaacckk" !!

Oh how it feels so good to be back among my blog friends.  I missed you!  All 50+ of you....including the 45 who only creep and don't comment.  That's ok creepers... I missed you too!

A few days ago, when Google rudely and abruptly cut me off --telling me that I "had reached my quota" of free download space on Blogger -- and  bluntly told me "no more photos for you" -- I was about to blog about DIY Guy's fish tales at the know, the stories about the "one that got away" and the "one that was "THIS big".

He more or less combined those two quotes:

"the one that got away was MUCH bigger".
Bob, his fishing guide and buddy, agreed with him.
Fishermen stick together like that.

This is the prize bass DIY Guy came home with.
I don't mean to brag, but I caught one about this size 
when I was about 8 years old!
(but I had to land mine)

Gabby wanted to check out the "thing" that was causing so much excitement.

Then Gabby said, "no thanks, I don't care for Sushi"
and went off to hunt squirrel.

"A Fish out of Water"  --- he he he, ha ha, he he

Ever see a fish gullet?  
Now you have!

Where the action takes place!
Warning...those with weak stomaches 
may choose to skip the next couple photos!

Bob is a master at fileting fishies
DIY Guy was happy to let him show off
his mad fish cleaning skills.

The mammarazzi was at the scene . . .

From lake to table in 
less than 30 minutes!

Our amazing appetizer before dinner

Sandy doesn't like fish

Which meant more for the three of us!
Hey guys, save some for me!

Next day....back out for more...
with Gabby assisting

DIY Guy caught a small Northern -- 

and decided to try "Northern Sushi"
never mind.

Perfect Weekend.
Next time -- how 'bout some more fish men?
That one just whet my appetite for more.


  1. Yum!! Sounds good!

    By the way did you see who is coming to the Mall of America??? Our favorite OK blooger :)

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  3. i'm diggin' the Poltergeist reference at the beginning of this blog. Well done.


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